International road haulage of goods

Shipment of goods to the countries of all Europe and within the Slovak republic is the main product of activity of our company. The years sufficiently verified (checked) the level of services provided by us. Contentment of our clients is a good proof of that. Throughout the nine years of our activity we managed to find a solid ground on the market of international haulage in Slovakia. Alike, contentment of our European partners with whom we are in close cooperation shows that we are successful in gaining the name on the European market, too. Still, we are a young company and there is much work to be done but we work hard to be better and better.
To design the highest aims and to fulfill them – that is our philosophy.

What can we rely on?

Reliable and good-quality car park, which is continually being extended.
In this area we are orientated on the well known car producer : VOLVO
At our disposal and at your services are cars with following parameters:
Lengths: from 13. 40 m to 13. 60 m
Widths: from 2. 42 m to 2. 50 m
Heights: from 2. 50 m to 3 meters

Human potential
Our drivers have driven many kilometers on the roads of Europe and their qualities have been checked many times in situations that need skills. On all levels of our company’s hierarchy – management as well as administration we successfully put together the skill of experienced employees, enthusiasm and new management and work solutions. We run our internal educational program for our employees in order to keep up with new technologies and solutions.

Modern information technologies
As a company on which in many cases relies the final outcome of its clients we realize that to be at the right time at the right place is unconditional. Having this rule in mind we try to keep up the pace with the continual progress on the market of information technologies and use any progressive methods of communication.

Freight traffic