Cruising on the Orava dam

North Slovakia Camion s. r. o. offers you:

  • cruising on Orava dam
  • Rental of the ship together with its crew
  • Accomodation

The first project to build a concrete dam at the present place was introduced in 1870. However, this was not realized alike many others. More further geological research was being carried out during the period from 1945 to 1948. This later became the basement for new projects. From that point on the construction works took a higher pace and on 2nd May in 1953 the first unit started to work. The complete construction of the dam vas accomplished in 1954.

In order to fill up the dam with water these villages had to be overflowed:
Ústie nad Oravou, Slanica, Osada, Oravské Hámre, Ľavkov and lower parts of Námestovo and Bobrov.

The dam has the coverage: 35 km2
Volume of the dam: 350 mil. m3 of water
Annual output of Orava dam power station: 38 GWh
Maximum depth at the dam wall: 38meters
Average depth: 15meters
Evaporation of water at 30 degrees centigrade is: 24 000 liters per day

Orava dam lies at 602, 4 meters above the sea level.

North Slovakia Camion s. r. o. offers you cruising on Orava dam. As well you may rent the whole ship together with its crew. The ship is of BIFA III type marked with NSC – Orava on its side. The length of the ship is 32, 10 m, width 5, 4 m and capacity is 162 seats. The cruise begins in the Orava dam port. Near the Studnička hotel the ship passes Isle of birds which is protected for occurrence of many precious kinds of birds then continues to Slanica Isle also called Isle of art. Here half an hour break is offered during which you may enjoy exploring the isle, its church with sacral art or gallery. After this break the ship arrives back in port. The whole journey takes 1 and half an hour.

The cruising season is from the beginning of May until half October daily from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. We wish you a pleasant journey and many wonderful experiences on Orava dam. Thank you for your visit and we are looking forward to see you again.


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